What the Met Office says about Hurricane Epsilon that raged in Britain this week.


So far, the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for Merseyside, indicating times of heavy rainfall that could potentially lead to flooding and transport disruptions.

Some forecasts predict that the remains of Hurricane Epsilon will bring heavy rain and wind to the UK this week.

The Met Office has issued Merseyside with a yellow weather warning for heavy rainfall.

The Met Office has commented and suggested that this week’s weather is not unusual for this time of year.

However, the UK is reported to suffer from wind speeds of 70 miles per hour and wet, stormy conditions when Hurricane Epsilon sweeps across the country.

Grahame Madge, a Met Office spokesperson, said: “This week, the weather patterns of the North Atlantic were upset by the earlier tropical cyclone Epsilon.

“The energy from this system has become entangled in a complex pattern, creating a very deep depression far off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean – far to the northwest of the UK.

“It will remain turbulent throughout the week, with a signal of heavy and persistent rainfall that will fall on hills in the west of Britain in the second half of the week.

“Weather fronts from this system will affect the UK, but given the distance from our coasts, these fronts should not have an impact beyond the typical autumn weather.

The Weather Service has confirmed that heavy rainy periods will develop on Thursday and Friday in Wales and North West England.

Accumulations of 30-40 mm are widely expected, while in higher areas exposed to strong southwesterly winds, 50-80 mm is expected.

However, the heaviest rainfall is expected over the hills and mountains of North West Wales, where 100-130 mm of precipitation is possible by the end of Friday.


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