What do you miss most among the restrictions for level 3 corona viruses?


Even with the Liverpool City Region at Level 3 – the highest there is – there is still talk of creating a number of Level 4 restrictions if the UK figures do not fall.

Now that the coronavirus restrictions have reached the seventh month, we have had to accept any changes in our lifestyle to protect ourselves from the spread of Covid-19.

See your family? Go on vacation? Spending a nice evening?

Or maybe you just want to get some sun on your back and fly around the world on vacation?

Meet friends or family? Go for a beer? Go to see a show?

Faced with the changes we had to accept, we ask ourselves: What do you miss most?

We would like you to tell us what you miss and also what you will do first when we are on the other side of the coronavirus in the future?

Fill out our short survey below. If you cannot see it, you can click here.


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