US singer Della Miles: “Turkish listeners are very emotional”.


The US singer Della Miles visited the Yunus Emre Institute in Berlin and answered questions about her music and career in a live broadcast. About her life in Turkey, she says that there is a “distorted perception” of the country.

The US-American singer Della Miles visited the Turkish Yunus Emre Institute in Berlin on Friday and answered questions from British journalist Lauren Booth about her career and music. Among other things, Miles spoke about her life and her performances in Turkey: “It is fantastic to be on stage in Turkey. The Turkish audience is very emotional. She has given numerous concerts in the country so far.

Over its life in Turkey it stressed that Turkey is badly represented abroad and added that “one tries to create a perception, which does not correspond to the truth”.

Miles not only answered questions about her career, her musical life and her impressions of Turkish culture. She also allowed private questions and told the participants at the Yunus Emre Institute how she made the decision to live in Turkey. At the end of the program Miles sang the song “Yalnızım Ben” by the Turkish singer Nil Burak.

Miles settled in Turkey in 2018 and converted to Islam in 2019. She was a background singer for Whitney Houston and became famous as the main character in the Michael Jackson musical “Sisterella”. In 2003 she released her first album “Follow Me”.



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