To replace departed stars, Gogglebox is on the lookout for talent that “don’t want to be on TV.”


To replace departed stars, Gogglebox is on the lookout for talent that “don’t want to be on TV.”

After losing some of its favorite stars over the summer, Gogglebox is on the lookout for fresh talent.

During the interval between seasons 17 and 18, popular TV celebrities Mary Cook, Pete McGarry, and Andy Michael all died.

According to Mirror Online, the Channel 4 show’s producers are looking for some new faces to bring the same pleasure to the show after a difficult few months.

A surprise statement was made by an executive producer as she revealed what she looks for in potential recruitment.

“We pick folks who don’t want to be on television,” Victoria Ray told the Daily Star.

“The ideal people are those who are unaware that they are amusing. We appreciate charismatic, entertaining people who aren’t necessarily thinking of themselves as TV personalities.”

The producer underlined that honesty is the most vital characteristic in a potential Goggleboxer.

“It’s nice when kids don’t have a filter because they don’t second-guess themselves while they’re talking,” she explained.

“We’re looking for folks who you like and want to see in your living rooms.”

So far, the concept has worked, as Gogglebox has established itself as one of the most popular shows in the country, spawning stars such as Ellie and Izzi Warner.

The stars of Season 18 of the show welcomed us back into their homes last week to deliver some informed analysis on the week’s best television.

However, the show was marred by controversy when Paige Deville and her mother Sally Hayward announced their departure from the show ahead of the next season, leaving an available position for a new family to take their place in front of the cameras.

Paige decided to leave the show following a “irreversible” fight with her mother.

“There have been conflicts inside the family, and my mother was given an ultimatum,” Paige told Birmingham Live.

“As a result of my decision, I no longer have any contact with her. I believe the choice is final. It’s a pity, but that’s the way life goes.”


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