Tier 3 Social Clubs “still serve alcohol” because of “loophole” in the rules.


It is reported that some clubs exploited a loophole in the wording of their licensing agreements to serve alcoholic beverages to their members.

Some social clubs under the Tier 3 restrictions have served alcohol due to an alleged “loophole” in the restrictions.

Some clubs were able to serve alcohol because of the wording of their operating license

According to the Association of Conservative Clubs’ (ACC), the Wirral Council is a local authority that has issued such guidelines.

But because of the wording of a certificate of club property-held, for example, by political clubs and workers’ clubs-alcohol is not sold to members, but “delivered.

Drinking establishments in areas with the highest restrictions are not allowed to sell alcohol, unless they can operate as a restaurant and serve a “substantial” meal in addition to the liquor.

A guide published on the ACC Web site stated that club members share the alcohol.

Some councils believe that social clubs are not breaking the rules because the government has omitted the word “supply” in their regulations.

Preston City Council explained on its Web site that club bars do not have to comply with Tier 3 restrictions when serving alcohol to members.

When a member buys a drink, it “qualifies” for the legal definition of alcohol “on”.

However, it was stated that clubs should only serve alcohol to members and guests of members, and that only guests brought into the club should receive a substantial meal with an alcoholic beverage.

On October 17, the Mill Hill Working Men’s Club in Blackburn said it would be closed until further notice due to Tier 3 restrictions, but on Tuesday it announced that it was preparing to reopen.

“For members only! The membership book must be presented at the door each time you visit the club.

In a Facebook posting it said: “After I was in contact with the Council. We are open from Friday 30 at 13:00, Saturday 13:00 and Sunday 10:30.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare said: “After we have been in contact with the Council, we will open the club from Friday 30 at 1:00 p.m.: “For areas in (Tier 3), pubs, bars or other businesses, including social or membership clubs, may not sell alcohol for consumption on the premises unless it is served with a substantial meal.

“We ask everyone to do their part to reduce potential indoor exposure times.



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