Thunder-faced father and windshield head butter that ended up in court.


But rarely do we expect such incidents in road traffic to escalate and lead to legal proceedings.

Every motorist has experienced an angry driver at some time or another, whether he or she has been driven too close on a highway or has been run over at an intersection.

The hasty reactions of these hot-headed drivers led to them ending up in the dock.

Sean Campbell punched the officer in the face twice after he was called “f***ing w***er” because of his driving.

One driver was so overwhelmed by the rage in the traffic that he even stopped his car in the fourth lane of the M6 to attack a retired police officer in the car behind him.

But that is exactly what happened to some drivers.

These incidents of road rage that ended in court, and others can be read in full below.

Another bully left children screaming in fear after he smashed the windshield of a car with a baseball bat.

Wayne Poulton threw glass over the three youngsters when their parents pleaded: “There are children in the car”.

A father in rage in traffic with a “face like thunder” smashed the windshield of an off-duty police officer.

They were driving on Holland Place in Edge Hill in March after Kershaw, his partner, their three-year-old son and his older mother had been to Costco.

Dean Kershaw stormed out of his car and confronted the officer after claiming he was “slammed”, which caused his son to fall out of his car seat and suffer a black eye.

Michael O’Kane, the prosecutor, said, “His face was like thunder, he was bright red, his eyes bulged and he kept screaming.

The 29-year-old struck the car window six times and branded the officer as “damn grass” when he called 999.

He appeared before the Liverpool Magistrates Court, where he was charged with threatening behaviour and sentenced to a £500 fine.

Kershaw was also sentenced to pay compensation of £125 to the off-duty official.

Kershaw of Waterworth Drive, Edge Hill, claimed that he was “cut off” three times by the off-duty policeman who “struck”, resulting in his son’s black eye.


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