Three adolescents were detained after a boy was shown dangling from a wall in a disturbing video.


Three adolescents were detained after a boy was shown dangling from a wall in a disturbing video.

Three teens have been arrested in connection with an incident in which a kid was dragged over a wall and caught on camera in a “distressing” video.

After a young teenager was attacked and held over a wall in the Concourse area of Skelmersdale on Tuesday, November 23, Lancashire Police became aware of images being circulated on social media.

On Tuesday, officers detained a 20-year-old male from Skelmersdale in connection with the incident, and he is still being held.

While his partner was pregnant, Dad downloaded child rape photos.

They were also able to communicate with the attack victim to ‘ensure he is okay.’

According to a police update issued today (November 25), three 15-year-old boys have been apprehended and are being held in prison.

People are still being urged not to broadcast the video on social media or to take matters into their own hands, according to police.

They went on to say that while they understand the content is ‘upsetting,’ they ask that people refrain from sharing the video, ‘especially for the sake of the victim.’

“Following our tweet yesterday night (Wednesday) concerning a distressing video showing a teenage lad being abused and held over a wall, we are able to provide you an update,” a Skelmersdale Police spokeswoman said.

“We have detained three more boys, all of them are 15 years old, and they are still in jail, as is the 20-year-old male we arrested last night.”

“While we recognize that the video has raised worry in the community and that the content is unpleasant, we are once again requesting that people refrain from distributing it, especially for the sake of the victim involved.”

“Again, please call 101 quoting incident number 228 of November 24 if you have any information that could help our inquiry.”

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