The violent spouse had complete control over how much his wife and children spent and ate.


The violent spouse had complete control over how much his wife and children spent and ate.

A convicted rapist abused his wife and had complete control over what she spent and ate, as well as her “terrified” sons.

Geanina Balteanu and their adult children were forced to hand up their wages from a plant in Wirral by Marius Balteanu.

Their bank cards were taken away by the unemployed 42-year-old, and they had to beg his permission to eat.

Meanwhile, he bought himself cigarettes and “anything he desired,” while using threats and violence to maintain his authority.

Balteanu was sentenced to five years in prison in 2003 for rape and public sexual perversion, which caused a public outcry in Romania.

In 2004, he was sentenced to six years in prison for robbery.

He arrived in the UK in June 2019 with his wife, two sons, and their sons’ spouses, according to Liverpool Crown Court.

Prosecutor Katy Appleton said his wife and sons worked at Pilgrim’s Pride food suppliers in Bromborough’s Old Hall Industrial Estate.

They shared a house in Wavertree’s Colville Street with their sons’ two infant girls.

On March 29, this year, police received a call from Mrs Balteanu at Pilgrim’s, in which she described her husband’s maltreatment.

He had stolen their bank cards and would not let them have any money save for travel expenses, she claimed.

“He controlled what they ate and wouldn’t let them touch the food,” Ms Appleton alleged.

“She tells how her husband was abusive toward her and her sons, threatening to take a knife from the kitchen and use it on them,” she says.

Mrs Balteanu claimed he had queried why they hadn’t worked extra that weekend the day before, causing him to “lose money.”

When she fell to the floor, he punched her “many times” in the back of the head before a son interfered to pull Balteanu off her.

“The defendant then punched her in the right ear and right cheek,” Ms Appleton added.

“She claimed the defendant yelled at her and stated he was going to murder her, to which she claimed she was afraid and rushed out onto the street.

“The defendant pursued her, yelling that he was going to hurt the children, and as a result, she returned to the address she had left.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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