The village will finally get local stores after 20 years of waiting.


At its meeting on 2 November, the Planning Committee of Halton Council will examine the proposals for a new “district center” with stores, a crèche and supervised accommodation for the over 55s.

The plans for a new village center in Sandymoor are due to be approved next week, more than 16 years after its creation and two decades after the founding of the village.

In addition to a grocery store, a crèche and a veterinarian, two snack bars, another store and a restaurant are planned.

The residents of Sandymoor have not had any local stores since the settlement was founded 20 years ago, despite promises that a new local center would be built next to the area’s housing estates.

The plans have been recommended for approval by the city council planning officials and provide for the new village center to be built on the land around the existing community center.

However, the planning officials said that this was not within the competence of the committee and that the center would in any case still be functional if the nursery were to be closed.

In addition to a grocery store, a crèche and a veterinarian, two snack bars, another store and a restaurant are planned, but some residents have asked for a general practitioner’s office instead.

Sandymoor Community Hall also objected that the new crèche could put the existing crèche, which is housed in the community center, out of operation.

Plans for a new village center in Sandymoor have been underway for nearly two decades, during which time there were very few amenities in the area.

According to these plans, 34 apartments and 3000 square meters of commercial, health, recreational and leisure facilities would have been built on the site.

Planning permission for a new village center was originally granted in 2004, five years after Sandymoor had established itself as a community.

Three years later, a revised plan was approved, but no work has yet been carried out, so that the new residents of Sandymoor still had no local stores while Sandymoor grew in size.

The current proposals from the developer Lane End Group were originally submitted in early 2019 and were due to be approved last October, but the decision was postponed.

the planning officials said: “There are very strong, legitimate expectations from the existing residents of Sandymoor that the statutory development plan system will provide for a local center on the allocated land”.


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