The six-pack abs of a teen guy gave him the appearance of being nine months pregnant.


The six-pack abs of a teen guy gave him the appearance of being nine months pregnant.

After visiting the doctor with cramps, a fit and healthy adolescent reported he was left “looking nine months pregnant.”

Kyle Smith, of Litherland, had planned to study accountancy at Hugh Baird College until he began experiencing cramp-like symptoms in May.

“I started feeling difficulty when going to the bathroom a month before I was diagnosed,” the 18-year-old told The Washington Newsday. My water supply was frequently interrupted, and I suffered from stomach cramps.

“I went to the doctor because it was growing worse, and he took a urine sample to determine whether I had a urinary infection, which came back negative.”

Kyle returned to his GP a week later, still suffering from excruciating stomach cramps, who performed a physical examination but couldn’t locate anything that could be causing the agony.

Kyle went to Aintree A&E after waking up with leg cramps a few days later.

“Several physicians told me I looked anemic,” he continued. I’d also dropped a little weight in the last month, which my mother had noticed.”

Kyle received the tragic news that a 15cm by 15cm malignant tumor had been discovered in his belly after an ultrasound and CT scan.

He was also diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma in June of this year, a malignancy that primarily affects youngsters and young people.

“I scoffed at the diagnosis because I didn’t think it was cancer,” Kyle added.

Kyle claimed that he had maintained himself healthy and was an avid basketball player prior to his diagnosis.

The cancer in his abdomen began to aggressively grow soon after he received the shocking news, and he was put on a rigorous course of chemotherapy.

“I went from having a six-pack to appearing nine months pregnant,” Kyle explained.

“If I had waited any longer, I might not have been able to get the care I needed.”

Kyle is currently undergoing chemotherapy at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre in the hopes of halting the spread of the tumor and shrinking it in time for surgery later this year.

He told The Washington Newsday that his mother and girlfriend have been instrumental in keeping him cheerful throughout, particularly when dealing with the “brutal” chemotherapy that has left him weary.

He stated: “The summary has come to an end.”


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