The schools in our region are infected with the coronavirus this school year.


With the beginning of the semester this week, there is now a break for students and teachers, but a large number of schools have been dealing with a semester interrupted by interruptions.

Schools in our region continue to be affected by coronavirus cases as the virus spreads.

Dealing with coronavirus cases is now commonplace in some schools.

A two-week semester, which the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, briefly considered in order to combat the virus, was finally rejected, but the schools will continue to struggle with interruptions in the second half of the autumn semester.

It is likely that periods of self-isolation for students will continue throughout the winter, with virus rates in our region remaining high despite a peak in recent days.

The consequences will vary greatly from school to school, with some being able to send home bubbles from year or class groups, while others will have to close down completely due to staff shortages.

In addition, Professor Neil Ferguson, a former government scientific advisor, said that schools may have to close for some students in order to contain the spread of the virus for the rest of the year.

Teachers from across the region and the country have reported an increasing strain on their resources as they try to catch up with students who missed classes earlier this year while dealing with positive cases.

Here are the schools that have been confirmed by ECHO to have had positive cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the new school year


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