The school must ‘sort out its priorities.’ Parents disagree with the uniform policy.


The school must ‘sort out its priorities.’ Parents disagree with the uniform policy.

People were outraged after a school forced a student to drop out of class due to her “barely discernible” earrings.

Since she was two years old, Prescot School pupil India Lloyd, from Huyton, has worn small earrings containing a slice of diamond from her great-engagement grandmother’s ring.

India’s mother, Geraldine Lloyd, a 43-year-old healthcare worker, claimed her daughter was allowed to wear them throughout primary school and that she did not expect an issue when she started Year 7 at high school this month.

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India, who is getting counseling after the unexpected death of her father, characterized the earrings as helping her stay calm and “feel comfortable” when things were too stressful, according to Geraldine.

However, the institution, which previously allowed students to wear little studs, has amended its policy to prohibit all jewelry.

Geraldine had been in conversations with senior teachers at the school for the previous two weeks, and she was willing to conceal the earrings with plaster or tape, but the earrings were not allowed today.

“I came in from break and the teacher was waiting outside the location where we go into art lessons and instructed me to wait outside,” India told The Washington Newsday.

“They led me to the removal room and instructed me to sit down while reading me the regulations of the removal chamber.

“I was informed I couldn’t turn around and had to face forward.

“I was unhappy and upset since my earrings make me feel safe, but I didn’t want to miss any classes because I enjoy them.”

India sent Geraldine an SMS detailing what had transpired, she told The Washington Newsday.

“She told me she had to face the front and couldn’t glance around, and she wasn’t given any work or lessons,” she explained.

“I was furious because they took her out of art class, and she adores painting.”

“At the start of any school year, but particularly following the trials of Covid,” a spokeswoman for The Prescot School stated.

“The summary comes to an end.”


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