The renowned changing skyline of Liverpool has been documented in photographs over the years.


The renowned changing skyline of Liverpool has been documented in photographs over the years.

One of the many reasons people travel from all over the world to visit Merseyside is the city’s distinctive skyline.

It’s no surprise that people keep returning to the historic three graces, churches, and the world-famous St Johns Beacon.

However, part of the allure is that if you haven’t visited the city in a while, the vista may not be precisely how you left it.

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We take a look at how the skyline has changed throughout the years, with dozens of skyscrapers being erected each year.


After starting construction in 2002, Beetham Tower, a residential apartment structure, was finished in 2004.

After the Royal Liver Building, Liverpool Cathedral, and the Radio City Tower, it was the city’s fourth highest structure.

Carillion built the tower on Old Hall Street, which was named for the developers, Beetham Organisation.

It’s about 90 meters long and has 29 stories.

Views of the Welsh Mountains may be seen from the upper floors.


1 Princes Dock, a new addition to Liverpool’s renowned Waterfront, opened in 2006.

The 73-meter-high apartment structure, commonly known as Liverpool City Lofts, was completed in 2004.

With 22 floors, it was the city’s sixth tallest structure when it was completed.

This structure, which contains 162 flats and a 99-space parking garage, was designed by AFL Architects and developed by City Lofts Group PLC.

Carillion Construction was the major contractor once again.


The Unity Buildings on Chapel Street began construction in 2004 and include an 86-meter-tall residential building and a 64-meter-tall commercial structure.

The two buildings are connected and have 27 and 16 stories, respectively.

The residential skyscraper has 162 units, mostly duplex flats with two and three bedrooms, as well as a residents’ gym and underground parking.

In 200, the Royal Institute of British Architects awarded the tall building awards to the Unity Buildings and a skyscraper in London.


West Tower, Liverpool’s current highest structure, was completed in 2008, together with the ACC and Alexandra Tower, two other notable structures on the city’s skyline.

The second Beetham Tower began construction in 2005 and cost a total of £35 million.

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