The lockdown has shed light on how our prisoners live.


One of the best, but most frightening was a look at the prisons – especially Walton.

When I was on the radio five nights a week, we played a feature now and then.

The next moment he called from his cell, I’m not fooling you. He was angry, with his illegal phone. We put it on, head to head.

A very angry woman called to slaughter her partner who lived in Walton. She had the right to see him live on air.

In fact, one of my top 20 calls ever concerned a prisoner serving a prison sentence when he called. I will never forget that.

You could hear prisoners chanting in the background and prison officials trying to figure out what cell the call came from.

In the next moment, you heard a commotion, the phone was ripped away from him and the line was dead.

He was now in prison for aggravated assault after beating his best friend, but she unfortunately got in the way.

The phone conversation was about her now dating his best friend after being caught by her ex in flagrante delicto.

Over the years, my listeners have discussed prison, sentencing, punishment, rehabilitation, the death penalty – all aspects of prison life.

At that time I was working with Jay Hynd, who produced my show.

I always remember so many listeners saying to me, “In prison they are comfortable, three meals a day, snooker and gym.

He got the permits and broadcast the show directly from Walton.

Over the course of the week we looked at every aspect of prison life.

I will never forget, as long as I live, the Governor of Walton who unlocked the door next to his office and led us into one of the largest wings.

Full to the brim with prisoners walking around openly. The smell of excrement was unbearable.

The facilities, training, staff, food and I even spent two hours in solitary confinement. It was scary and claustrophobic….


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