The Liverpool Ganesh Temple is planning to expand its home in Kirkby.


The Ganesh Temple in Liverpool is one of the few South Indian Hindu temples in the northwest of the country and Knowsley’s only non-Christian place of worship. Since 2010 it is located in the former Delfby Crescent Resource Centre in Kirkby and attracts hundreds of believers from all over the region.

Knowsley’s only Hindu temple has announced plans to expand to provide more space for worship and Tamil instruction.

Knowsley’s only non-Christian temple has requested that its current home in Kirkby be expanded.

But now the temple has applied for planning permission to raise its ceiling and add a new room to make it suitable for its purpose.

After the installation of underfloor heating and a floor of imported Indian granite, it was officially opened three years later with a ceremony to bless the many statues of the temple.

At present, the temple’s flagpole must protrude into a hole specially cut in the ceiling of the main room of the temple, and on special occasions, the faithful can carry the temple statue of Ganesh only at waist height.

Suresh Kumar Thangaraj, one of the founders and trustees of the temple said: “The building was built for a specific purpose, namely for a kindergarten.

“When you go into a temple, the height should be higher because the temple should be a visible place and we carry the statues around on our shoulders”.

The plans are to raise the ceiling of the temple only two meters above the current height so that the believers can clearly see the flagpole and carry the statues on their shoulders.

said Mr. Thangaraj: “The food hall must be a little larger so that we can also fulfill some functions such as marriages and community functions.

The temple not only wants to raise the ceiling of the building but also build an extension to its dining hall to provide food for believers and the poor and to offer Tamil language classes for children.

The temple has good relations with most of its neighbors, Mr. Thangaraj said, adding, “We do not drink, we do not smoke, we are very, very disciplined towards the community.

“The only thing we do is pray.”

The Knowsley Council expects to make a decision on the building application by December 11, but the temple must then raise enough money to pay for the construction work.

Mr. Thangaraj added, “We must raise the money to build the building, that is the next obstacle, but we say Ganesh will remove all obstacles”.

However, he added that they had a recent problem with a neighbor who was yelling at people coming to and from the temple and the building application received an objection from a member of the public.


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