The Chase watchers were taken aback by the contestant’s age.


The Chase watchers were taken aback by the contestant’s age.

Fans were taken aback when they learned how old a player on The Chase was tonight.

Derek, an 83-year-old volunteer, appeared to have been dipped in a fountain of youth when he revealed his age to followers.

They expressed their delight on Twitter.

Paul Sinha of the Chase delivers a great tribute to the player.

“Derek needs to get rid of his skin care routine!” Andrea exclaimed.

Andy stated, “Derek, well done. TBF I don’t look that fantastic at 53 #TheChase. I hope I look that good in 83.” Another user commented: “Derek is already on the verge of becoming a ledge!!! He can’t possibly be 83!!!” “Looks in good shape for 83 #TheChase,” Steven said. The pensioner was the first to appear on tonight’s episode, partnering with other contenders Sarah, Bianca, and David to take on chaser Darragh Ennis.

Derek teaches dance a few times a week and plans to use any prize money to renovate his home.

He remarked “I’ll grab my coat now” after only answering two questions correctly in the cash builder round, but he accepted a low offer of £1,000 and returned to the team, contributing to the prize pool.

Sarah, a pharmacist, was up next for a £5,000 middle offer, which she made look easy as she defeated the chaser and returned to join Derek in the final.

Bianca was up against the chaser for the third time.

The cabin crew member accepted the lowest offer of £1000 in the hopes of winning money to go on vacation with her partner.

Darragh assured her that she had made the correct decision.

She made it back to the bench, increasing the reward pool a smidgeon.

David, a restaurant manager from Leeds, was the final player, and he plans to invest any winnings in his business.

He accepted the middle offer of £7,000 and returned to the team, putting all of the players in the final with a chance to win a total of £14,000.

They had a four-question edge on the chaser because they had all made it to the final round, and Darragh had to answer an additional 16 questions correctly, giving him a total of 20 questions to answer.

The team was victorious and on their way with five successful pushbacks. “The summary has come to an end.”


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