The beauty boss of the cocaine smuggler, who led a fantastic lifestyle, only had to pay back 41 pounds.


Police caught Stephanie Nelson driving through the Dartford Tunnel with 15 kg of high purity cocaine hidden in a sophisticated custom-made stash in the trunk of her car.

A beauty therapist who spent ten years in prison after being caught with 1.5 million pounds of cocaine in her car was sentenced to pay back only 41 pounds.

Stephanie Nelson enjoyed a glamorous lifestyle, but was later forced to give birth behind bars.

The Cheshire woman used social media to brag about her glamorous lifestyle and pose for photos in exotic resorts and onboard yachts.

Nelson, from Wilmslow, later pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine and was sent to prison for 10 years. This was later reduced to eight years and three months in appeal in May of this year.

Nelson, 30, who owned Porsche Cosmetics on Queens Drive, was pregnant at the time of her arrest on June 10 last year. She later gave birth behind bars.

But during a criminal trial hearing last Thursday (October 22) at Maidstone Crown Court, a judge was told that her ill-gotten gains after “negotiations and compromises” that had been agreed upon totaled a far more meager £10,000.

Other pictures showed the drug smuggler eating at top restaurants in Marbella, including the favorite restaurant of celebrity NOBU and Olivia’s La Cala.

The prosecution originally claimed that Nelson had earned nearly £700,000 by her involvement in a drug conspiracy.

And since her available assets were allegedly only the £41.05 that had been taken from her when she was arrested, she was ordered to pay this sum within 28 days or to spend another 14 days behind bars in default.

At an earlier hearing, the prosecution had estimated her financial advantage at about £692,000, with the available assets of a car being just over £4,500.

Prosecutor Tom Nicholson told Judge David Griffith-Jones QC that they now accepted that she had received the much lower sum of £10,000, which is “reflected” in her bank statements. The car was not mentioned.

However, her legal team argued that not a single penny had been paid to her and investigators were given time to investigate her financial affairs.

Nelson was arrested last year after the NCA investigated the activities that financed her enviable lifestyle.

Nelson drove away and was stopped shortly thereafter in the Dartford Tunnel.

Markham was also sent to prison for ten years when they both appeared before Maidstone Crown Court on July 18 and pleaded guilty.

On the day of her arrest, police observed her meeting with Enfield drug dealer John Markham, 53, who was waiting in a white van and handed her two black duffel bags.


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