The “beautiful” Primark coat makes the buyers unbelieve, because it is supposedly “perfect” for winter.


The low-cost retailer shared the image of one of its customers wearing a coat from its new winter range, and it has attracted the attention of more than 73,000 fans.

Primark did it again by sharing another Instagram item over the weekend and causing a lot of excitement among his fans.

More than 73,000 fans are now in search of the coat, which has been dubbed the “Winter Destination”.

The faux fur coat has ties on the sleeves and a button closure in the front.

In the picture the customer wears a simple outfit consisting of jeans, a white blouse and Primark’s long grey coat over the shoulders, which is finished off with Primark’s matching grey loafers.

Among the other comments praising the coat, one Instagram user said, “I need this coat like yesterday”.

Since the picture was split, Primark fans have been quick to comment on how “adorable” the coat is, and many have even wondered why people would shop anywhere but Primark when “amazing” items like this coat sell for 35 pounds.

Others argue that the coat looks like more expensive versions you would expect to find in designer stores.

A third added, “How beautiful is this coat”.

another said: “Winter destinations. I need that”

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And, a fourth said, “This coat is the one I need.”

Although some people were skeptical if they would ever find the coat in their local Primark stores, some asked the retailer to confirm which stores would carry the coat.


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