Tesco employees inspect customer receipts as they exit the store.


Tesco employees inspect customer receipts as they exit the store.

Tesco is apparently inspecting customer receipts as they leave select stores to reduce theft and staff time dealing with anti-social behavior.

Customers became aware of the Tesco project after a notice was posted at one of the supermarket chain’s stores, according to Yorkshire Live.

Customers at Tesco’s Drummond Street branch in Rotherham were notified via a typed notice that receipt screening would begin on Tuesday, October 12.

Any Tesco customers who use their Clubcard at the checkout should be aware of this.

Someone took a picture of the notification and shared it on Facebook.

According to the notice, the Tesco store in Rotherham was inspired by a similar business whose trial received “overwhelming positive” consumer feedback.

It is envisaged that receipt checking will improve the shopping experience and make the Tesco store a “safer” and “nicer” place to visit.

According to the notice: “We’re making some adjustments to our store and wanted to inform you ahead of time…

“Customers will be required to provide their receipt for goods purchased while exiting the store beginning Tuesday, October 12th.

“We understand that this may seem strange, but we truly believe that it is the right thing to do for our loyal consumers.

“Over the previous six months, we’ve listened to a lot of consumer input, and the most common theme is that people want to feel safer in the neighbourhood and in our store.

“We want it as well!”

We’re always exploring for new ways to make your buying experience as simple, safe, and enjoyable as possible.

“Unfortunately, the time we’d like to spend serving customers, getting the products you want on the shelves, and making sure we’re doing everything we can for you is being spent dealing with a variety of antisocial behavior and theft, which we know can make your shopping experience unpleasant or even dangerous.

“Receipt checking has already been tested by our colleagues in another town centre store that is very similar to Rotherham, and the consumer reaction has been overwhelmingly good.

“They say the store is safer, better to be in, and the shopping experience has greatly improved.

“You should double-check your receipt.”

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