Teenager raped 11-year-old girl at house party after vodka session in park.


The victim of Marek Slepcik had sneaked out of her house against his mother’s will by climbing out a window.

A teenager had raped an 11-year-old girl at a house party before his shameful parents flew him out of the country.

The judge said his parents “should be ashamed” that they flew him out of the country after the attack.

Arriving there, Slepcik stripped the drunk child half-naked and raped her despite her protests before leaving her crying and in pain.

Another boy, 17 years old, bought more alcohol before taking the group to an empty house for which he had a key in Kensington to continue drinking.

She met with friends in Newsham Park in Fairfield and drank vodka before Slepcik, then 16, joined them.

In March of this year a European arrest warrant was executed and on July 27 he was deported back to Britain after spending 145 days in prison in Slovakia.

Slepcik of Lorne Street in Fairfield was arrested days after the 2016 attack, his passport was confiscated by police after questioning and released on bail.

However, prosecutor Martine Snowdon said in 2017 that he “applied for urgent travel documents through his mother, claiming that he had lost his passport, left the UK and went to Slovakia”.

The girl said she had never met Slepcik before that afternoon and he had not been drinking, but she had had five or six drinks of vodka from a bottle, and on a scale of drunkenness from 1 to 10, she described herself as 10.

The now 20-year-old appeared in front of Liverpool’s Crown Court via video link from prison after admitting to raping a girl under 13.

They reached the house on Thornes Road around 7 p.m. and she was downstairs alone with Slepcik when he said, “Take off your jeans now,” and she said, “No.

Mrs. Snowdon said Slepcik had hugged and kissed her before he undressed her, pulled her onto a bed, raped her and then left.

The girl remembered that the other boy came into the room and told her to get dressed and he would take her home.

The girl’s mother reported her missing and shortly after 9 pm the police came to her house when her mother said she tried to find her daughter by calling the other boy but he said he hadn’t seen her.

Mrs. Snowdon said, “He told her not to tell anyone or the accused would catch up with her and she would be beaten.

Ms. Snowdon said, “The defendant would catch up with her.” He made a statement and described that after the defendant came down the stairs to find the girl who was pulling up her pants and crying.

“He asked her why she was crying, and she said she had pain in her groin area.

The officers then called his number, and the boy put the girl on the phone, who asked the police to come home.


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