Susanna Reid, GMB, disputes with the minister following the loss of 27 channels.


Susanna Reid, GMB, disputes with the minister following the loss of 27 channels.

On today’s Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid criticized the UK Immigration Officer.

Kevin Foster appeared on the show after a boat sank in Calais while crossing the English Channel, killing 27 people, including five women and one baby girl.

After fleeing danger, the passengers on board were attempting to reach the United Kingdom in the hopes of obtaining refuge.

Susanna Reid’s sudden change in appearance is ‘unforgivable’ for fans.

Boris Johnson has stated that the waterway should not “become a cemetery.”

“That stops my heart in my chest when I hear that sentence – ‘don’t want the English channel to become a cemetery,'” Susanna told her visitor.

She went on to ask who is responsible for stopping people traffickers and ensuring the safety of individuals who feel the United Kingdom is a safe haven for them.

The minister answered as follows: “My heart breaks for the families of those who have been affected. It’s a terrible path to go.

“We must all work together to do everything we can to disrupt the cycle of criminality – groups and gangs who saw yesterday’s deaths as a profit opportunity.

“That includes changing the law in the UK, particularly in relation to our asylum system, as well as collaborating with our French and European friends to address the problem. We don’t want to witness another occurrence like this in the channel.” Susanna, on the other hand, was not pleased with the response, and she retorted angrily, saying: “You could find the humanitarian, caring response to be a struggle. And the reason I say that is to make things easier for those who want to come to the UK and apply for asylum: ‘OK, we’ll help you do that, and once you’re here, we’ll process your asylum application.'” She went on to say: “The issue is not who organized it; the issue is that individuals are boarding unsafe boats with their children, putting their lives in danger.

“We wouldn’t let them do it in any other circumstance, so why do we let it here?”

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