Scouser and his “Turkish Teeth”, whose Instagram has made him a city star.


John May from Walton has been an actor for years, but claims that he “never had his big breakthrough”.

A Liverpool actor has become a viral sensation after he created the Liverpool cartoon “Turkey Teeth”.

One of his characters has the slogan “How are we doing?

“So I did an Instagram story on it, and it got a good response.

He told Echo: “When the lockdown began, I imagined people preparing for Christmas, with women all getting ready for the lockdown before everything is closed.

This year, the 39-year-old took the Internet by storm as he began creating his very own comedy sketches.

“I’ve always made funny videos, but with the lockdown I had a kind of pull-in audience that gave me a platform to create new stuff.

“I shot another one where I just sat on the couch and before I knew it, it got a huge response and people asked for more.

John decided to put more characters in his catalog, he said: “I just sort of developed this comedy, it really takes the p*** out of Liverpool.

Soon John’s hobby of shutting himself off catapulted him into viral fame, and he went from 4,000 followers at Instagram to a whopping 40,000 within a few weeks.

“I just hold up a mirror to people as they really are, it’s a relative and observational comedy.

“There have been a few that have spread on the Internet, and that is why I have the majority of my followers.

“I only repeat what I see. I think people like to watch because everyone knows someone who is like one of the characters.

“Turkey Teethes seems to be the people’s favorite.”

But his goal is to make his new Instagram characters a pilot, with the hope of a program on the horizon.

He said, “I’ve worked for Johnny Vegas and Jason Manford, so I’ve always done comedy.

John’s acting work has led to him appearing in a number of commercials, including HouseSimple, and he even has a recurring character on Coronation Street.


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