Rick Parry denies the “evil” Liverpool accusations and says Project Big Picture is not dead.


And he insists that the radical plan to transform English football is not dead.

EFL Chairman Rick Parry has called the portrayal of Liverpool and Manchester United “evil” because of their involvement in Project Big Picture.

In an interview with Jamie Carragher, EFL Chairman Rick Parry gave his version of the events surrounding the impact of Project Big Picture

Parry himself was cast as the chief architect of the design, which was intended to bridge the “unbridgeable gap” between the Premier League and the rest of the football pyramid.

Liverpool owner FSG was named as one of the “driving forces” behind the project, along with their colleagues in Old Trafford.

Earlier this month, proposals for a comprehensive reorganisation of the game were leaked to the national press.

One such strand was the idea of abolishing the existing principle of “one club, one vote”, which is at the heart of decision-making in the Premier League.

Parts of the plan were well received by many EFL clubs – particularly the idea of a £250 million rescue package to help them through the coronavirus crisis.

Other elements, however, were widely criticized in football circles as an attempt to seize power on behalf of elite top teams.

With the new vision, control would effectively have been handed over to the nine clubs that have remained in the league the longest.

A few days after Project Big Picture became public, a meeting of all 20 Premier League teams was held.

But the impact continues to smolder.

While the project itself was rejected, the clubs committed themselves to a strategy review on the future of football in England.

And today the Telegraph published an interview with Rick Parry by Jamie Carragher in which the EFL boss tries to set things right.

Parry replied: “I absolutely believe that they care. I know they are sincere because I have talked to them long enough or I would not have gotten involved.

Carragher, the legend of the Reds, came straight to the big question and asked it: “Rick, you can’t seriously expect me and the football fans to believe that the American owners of Liverpool and Manchester United care about the long-term future of English football?

“Why would they be prepared to give 25 percent of the Premier League money to the EFL if they don’t care? If they are prepared to speak out and talk, then perhaps you will believe me.

Parry claimed that the “whole process” was initiated by the Football Association and tried to reject proposals that it was a “backroom discussion behind closed doors”.

“The fact is that it was Liverpool, Manchester United and the EFL who decided to stick our heads over the parapet. They gave their names and let me say that they support that. For me, the proof is in the plan for the pyramid….


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