People are getting the shivers after seeing creatures hidden on a Merseyside beach.


People are getting the shivers after seeing creatures hidden on a Merseyside beach.

When a woman saw a type of sealife lurking in rock pools along the Merseyside coast, she was perplexed.

She captured film of a ‘creepy’ gathering of insects swimming strangely across the lake in New Brighton, Wirral.

The outside animals appeared to be the principal ones, directing the swarm of bugs across the water’s surface to form a single massive black blob.

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The woman, who did not want to be identified, shared her video to Facebook, asking if anyone knew what the strange life things were.

“Yes, I know what that is – ‘horrible,’” one said.

“Where did this come from?” said another. It gave me the shivers.”

“I’m itching already,” stated a third.

However, some people knew exactly what they were, with the majority speculating that they were marine springtails.

These are marine insects that feed on the insides of dead marine animals and have a waterproof coat of hairs that allows them to stay submerged in water for up to two days.

They can be found all around the UK coastline in rock pools and other crevices that are protected from the sea’s waves.

This isn’t the only instance of sealife that has grabbed the interest of beachgoers in Merseyside recently.

Emma Roberts was visiting Formby Beach earlier this month when she came across a’smiling’ jellyfish.

“I was strolling through the sea and all the while I was thinking ‘I hope there are no jellyfish, I hope there are no jellyfish,’” she told The Washington Newsday, capturing the moment on her phone.

“And then I see that!” says the narrator.


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