Passengers fight during the Ryanair flight while the staff tries to stop the beatings.


Two male passengers were filmed walking down the aisle to a fight at the front of the plane between a woman and a man.

This week, a brawl broke out between passengers on a Ryanair flight, which was seen on video footage showing the staff desperately trying to break up the brawl.

Police boarded the plane at Manchester airport after it arrived from Malaga.

The police were then seen boarding the flight from Malaga to Manchester on Monday evening.

The two men running forward were finally returned to their seats when a Ryanair steward forced the woman to leave the front of the plane.

The footage shows the Ryanair crew trying to separate the passengers who were screaming and beating each other.

The video shows the woman yelling at a man as he sits down before she apparently beats him up.

According to onlookers, police removed a man who was allegedly attacked by a woman and her two male friends before questioning the passengers.

According to the passengers, the fight began after a man allegedly threatened a female passenger.

The two men are believed to know the woman and another female passenger who heard their names scream and told them to stop and “go back”.

Then two men rushed towards the fight from the rear of the plane.

The Ryanair flight had taken off from Malaga and had just arrived at Manchester airport on Monday night when the fight began.

At the end of the video footage there is a man asking a nearby passenger, “What are you wearing, you tramp? Listen, do you want to leave?’ before a woman holds him back.

The passenger, who filmed the fight and wants to remain anonymous, said: “It was really disgusting.

“It wasn’t a light slap or anything, she wanted to ask him for leather in hell.

“We were about 20 minutes from landing and I’m not sure what happened, but the woman in the black sweater started beating this guy violently.

“Suddenly, three or four people ran forward and started to interfere – just fists flying everywhere.


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