Overnight closures are being implemented as part of the ‘major junction enhancement’ project.


Overnight closures are being implemented as part of the ‘major junction enhancement’ project.

The A570 Sherdley Roundabout project will resume next week, with nighttime closures in place to help with the major junction redevelopment project.

The St Helens Sherdley Roundabout scheme, which began in February 2020, will allow pedestrians and cyclists to safely cross one of the city’s busiest carriageways.

While significant work has been made, the project has been delayed due to the pandemic and the original contractor going into administration, according to St Helens Council.

Councillor Andy Bowden, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport at St Helens Borough Council, apologized for the delays in the program, which he claimed were “out of the council’s control,” but added the long-term advantages “will be worthwhile.”

Work on the footway of the new crossing points will resume next week between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m., now that a new contractor has been hired.

It will take place on the following dates:

• Sherdley Road eastbound will be closed on Monday, September 20th (exit of the roundabout)

• Sherdley Road westbound closure on Tuesday, September 21 (entrance to the roundabout)

• Burtonhead Road westbound closure on Wednesday, September 22nd (exit of the roundabout)

• Burtonhead Road eastbound shutdown on Thursday, September 23rd (entrance to the roundabout)

“We apologise for the delays imposed by this initiative, which were beyond the council’s control, but the long-term advantages will be worthwhile,” said Councillor Bowden.

“This initiative will make Sherdley Roundabout safer and easier to negotiate, not only for the many motorists that use it every day, but also for pedestrians and cyclists, as we strive to promote greener modes of transportation.”


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