OTT revolution bringing out varied storytelling, genres: Mukul Chadda  


Investment banker-turned-actor Mukul Chadda, who appears in crime dark comedy series ‘Sunflower’ and Vidya Balan-starrer film ‘Sherni’ – both June 2021 releases – says that as an actor, he would like to see a greater variety of content, which is something the OTT revolution is gradually bringing about.

“Because shows don’t really have time limits, you can have shows and episodes of any length. We are seeing a greater variety in genres, we are seeing a greater variety in the kinds of storytelling formats and I would only say I’d like to see more of that, I’d like to see more variety because as an actor what we would love to do is to play different parts, work on different kinds of projects in different genres,” Chadda, who is best known for playing the lead role of Jagdeep Chaddha (the Michael Scott equivalent) in the Indian edition of international hit show ‘The Office’, told IANSlife.

Chadda plays the role of Dr. Ahuja in Vikas Bahl’s ‘Sunflower’, a Zee5 Original show, which released on June 11.

Speaking about the role, he shares: “Most certainly Dr. Ahuja’s role is a very different one from the ones I normally get offered. That was the exciting part of doing this show because as actors we all are trying to break out of being typecast and of doing the same roles that unfortunately we get offered over and over again. As an actor, you’d love to do things different from what you’ve done before to explore your own range, to try something new, to challenge yourself and all those things came together with Dr. Ahuja in ‘Sunflower’.”

The well-known film and web series actor has appeared in ‘Gurgaon’, ‘Ek Main aur Ekk Tu’, and ‘Bichoo Ka Khel’, and the short film ‘Banana Bread’. Next he will be seen in Amit Masurkar’s film ‘Sherni’ with actor Vidya Balan, releasing on June 18. He is married to actor and narrator Rasika Dugal.

Asked about how he liked filming ‘Sunflower’ and the crime comedy genre, Chadda says a mix of crime-thriller with investigation and comedy was one of the strengths in the script.

“It sharpened the comedy sometimes when you had comic moments amidst something serious happening and also gave an edge to this suspense thriller. So, it was a very fun read and as I’m sure it’s been a fun watch for many people who have seen it. While doing it I would say, sometimes I would wonder where the balance is. In any kind of show, you always wonder where the balance is – especially in comedy, how much is too much? Or how much is not enough? The way the script was written for most scenes it was very evident what you needed to do because the script had been spelt out quite clearly.

In ‘Sherni’, Chadda stars alongside Vidya Balan and is all praises after working with her.

“Apart from being a fantastic actress we know her to be, I think the one great quality she has is that she makes people around her feel very comfortable. While working with her, I almost forgot I’m in the presence of a huge star because she’s very professional and committed to her work and you just felt you were working with another co-actor trying to make the scene work and she makes the whole unit around her very comfortable and at ease with her and that’s a great quality because it just leads to a much more fun and cooperative environment and one where you can do a much better job at what you’re doing,” the actor shares.

Although shooting in a bio-bubble for ‘Sherni’, Chadda says that there will always be some nervousness before returning to a set.

“Each time I went to the set, I was nervous because one never knew what exactly the protocols would be, how safe they would be and therefore didn’t know how much risk you were actually taking. Fortunately, I would say the production guys did take quite a few safeguards and that made us feel very easy when we were actually shooting. You could put aside those worries from your mind and you could just focus on your work. But yes, there was apprehension before starting work on a new set each time, so that certainly was there. Even now I think I would still be nervous about going back to work because we know that the second wave has been more deadly and until we’ve managed to put this pandemic behind us, that there will always be some nervousness before returning to a set.”

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