New bollard system to protect Liverpool from possible terrorist attacks.


Next week the Cabinet of the City Council will decide on a series of measures to finance the modernization of the bollards throughout the city center, after the plan was first approved last year.

A new bollard system will be installed in Liverpool to protect the city center from possible terrorist attacks.

The bollards are to be placed at various locations in the city center.

This car easily crashed through bollards that the Council had previously said would deter terrorist attacks.

Liverpool’s weaknesses were revealed in 2018 when a drunk driver drove his BMW through the busy cave district in an act of revenge against a bouncer.

According to a report submitted to the cabinet, the new system is necessary to ensure that it can withstand the force of deliberate vehicle attacks. Two such attacks in Nice and Berlin in 2016 claimed a total of 99 lives and prompted cities around the world to review the measures taken to protect their populations.

A report presented to the cabinet states that the new system will “replace existing bollards with certified measures to withstand a vehicle-based attack” and will be implemented as part of a more comprehensive maintenance package.

“The risk of not maintaining the automatic bollards could stop access to central main shopping areas for businesses and residents and keep the city open to vehicle-based terrorist attacks.

The report said: “After discussions with colleagues from the procurement department, it was agreed that the best approach was to combine the maintenance element of the bollards with the provision and installation of the new bollard system in a contract package.

If the proposal receives the support of the Council next week, officials will begin negotiations with external companies to install the new system.


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