Mum saves £500 on a bathroom makeover after being quoted £4,000.


Mum saves £500 on a bathroom makeover after being quoted £4,000.

For less than £500, a clever mother of two has converted her bathroom into a beautiful place.

Monica Farrelly, a pharmacist, says she was inspired by Pinterest and utilized inexpensive supplies like Frenchic paint, Amazon stick-on tiles, and even a free scaffolding board as a shelf.

“The concept for my bathroom originated from an extension of what I had already constructed in my hallway and kitchen,” the 45-year-old told

“I decided to do it on the cheap because my budget wouldn’t stretch to a whole new suite and tiles after spending so much on the other sections.”

“I wanted an industrial sense with natural wood and foliage, as well as a hint of glam,” says the designer.

Monica, a Glasgow resident, claims she got ideas from Facebook groups, Pinterest, and interior design magazines.

Before sanding the tiles, she used sugar soap to prepare the bath panel and wall tiles.

“After receiving advice from a tiler, it was recommended that I remove the broken ones and replace them with new ones,” Monica stated. Finding tiles that size was nearly challenging due to the fact that the tiles were from the 1980s.

“I had no choice but to buy larger ones and trim them down to fit.” I used my jigsaw and a diamond blade attachment to do this.

“Thanks to my patience, I was able to achieve the perfect fit after a few hours of finely shaving and sanding tiny portions off.” I used tile adhesive and grout to keep them in place.

“Then I’ll be able to start painting!”

Monica created a monochrome aesthetic with black Frenchic Al Fresco paint, Harris paintbrushes from Screwfix, and white Dazzle Me paint.

These are the supplies she used and her costs for the complete revamp: Frenchic Al Fresco Blackjack, Dazzle Me, and Gold Frensheen, all of which cost £69.80.

Stick-on tiles (for the floor) for £57.60 from Amazon.

For a total of £50.87, you can get a light fitting, a shade, and a pull cord from Amazon.

The bath screen cost £200 from, while the storage cabinet cost £80 from Habitat.

She made the shelves out of a 9″ scaffolding board that she cut, sanded, and oiled for free. sold the industrial shelving brackets for £24.

‘Toilet rules’ and a gold peace symbol were among the other embellishments. “The summary has come to an end.”


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