Motorists may be required to pay for each mile driven.


Motorists may be required to pay for each mile driven.

As part of new ideas, drivers may be compelled to pay for every mile they drive.

According to sources, the government is considering implementing a toll system on all UK roads to earn funds for climate change targets, as reported by Wales Online.

The charge is being considered because the government is facing a decline in fuel duty revenue as more people switch to electric vehicles.

Tolls in the UK are currently restricted to bridges and places such as the M6 toll, which costs £7 to use.

In August, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change recommended for the scheme to be implemented.

“A new system of automobile taxes is urgently required,” it stated. Changes in taxation will be more difficult to handle as more individuals purchase electric vehicles.

“Road pricing provides a mechanism to address these concerns in a way that benefits both motorists and society.”

The concept has resurfaced after Rishi Sunak indicated interest in it before, according to the Daily Mail.

Edmund King, the president of the Automobile Association, previously stated that a road pricing scheme may allow drivers to drive for 3,000 miles before paying per journey, with an additional 1,000 miles in rural areas.

Last year, the RAC predicted that a road pricing system will “likely incorporate vehicle monitoring technology to monitor how much we drive” in the future.

“We simply do not comment on speculation – especially speculations surrounding spending which is not in our remit,” a spokesman for the Department of Transport said.


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