Michael Gove claims that it will take years for Liverpool City Council to turn things around.


Michael Gove claims that it will take years for Liverpool City Council to turn things around.

According to Michael Gove, turning things around at Liverpool Council will take years and a “great deal” of effort.

The Secretary of State responded today to a report by government commissioners that exposed the local authority’s persistent concerns and problems.

Following a damning inspection report earlier this year, which exposed years of failures, difficulties, and ‘toxic cultures’ across key departments like Regeneration, Highways, and Property Management, the council appointed Government Commissioners.

The scope of the issues at a dysfunctional school In a recent investigation, the Liverpool City Council is exposed. The Commissioners exposed the scope of the difficulties that exist in their first report since being appointed, with ongoing worries about the council’s financial status, leadership, governance, and some of the basic day-to-day activities being carried out.

Robert Jenrick, who has since been replaced as Secretary of State for Levelling Up by Michael Gove, named those Commissioners in June.

Mr Gove stated today that the council faces a “major challenge” in providing the services that the city’s citizens need.

“A clear line must be made between the council of the past and the council of the future for Liverpool’s change to succeed,” he continued.

“The commissioners recognize the mayor and her cabinet, as well as the business leadership team, for their hard work, ambition, and determination.”

He did say, though, that the council was “at the start of a long improvement journey and has a lot to do in the next three years.”

Mr Gove went on to say that the commissioners had expressed their concerns about the “financial resilience” of the council and that he welcomed the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy’s review, which is due to be finished before Christmas.

“Given the circumstances of the intervention and the legacy of the previous government, Commissioners’ findings that the Council’s approach to regeneration and property management lacked rigour and commercial understanding is not surprising,” he said.

“I look forward to Commissioners collaborating with these teams to instill strong commercial standards in these departments.” Commissioners are also collaborating with the Planning Department to address a lack of strategic policy frameworks and a huge backlog of planning applications that are stifling development. “The summary comes to an end.”


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