Member of Parliament said in the restaurant “You are not welcome here” after 80% vacation voice.


Mr. Moore was instructed not to enter the Bistro Bar Med on the Coronation Corridor after he also failed to vote on a request for free school meals for children, which most of his Tories colleagues rejected.

Damien Moore, Southport MP, was barred from a restaurant in his constituency because of his decision to vote against granting 80% vacation to workers.

He is not welcome in my business. He is not a real representative of the people in this city.

“What he promised before the election is a joke compared to what he has delivered now. Southport is in decline and I and my friends in the hospitality industry are having a really hard time.

Mr. Mendi said, “Damien Moore is barred from my establishment and will certainly not be allowed to enter many others.

Gino Mendi, the restaurant owner, says that Mr. Moore is “not really a representative” of the people of Southport.

“The people cannot live on two-thirds of their wages.

“Mr. Moore has promised to revitalize Southport and he is doing the opposite.

On Wednesday the Labour Party tabled a motion calling for “fairer funding” for areas in Tier 3 of the government’s new restrictions.

“I’m not a politician, I’m not into politics, but he is in no way a true representative of our city”.

The motion failed, which means that those who cannot go to work will only receive 67% of their previous income.

But although his constituency is subject to the toughest restrictions, Mr. Moore voted against the motion.

Later in the day, the House of Commons debated another Labour Party motion supporting footballer Marcus Rashford’s call to extend free school meals for the poorest children over the coming semester break.

Several conservative backbenchers supported the call for vouchers to be made available, but Mr Moore was not one of them.

The request was also rejected by the conservatives.


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