Matt Hancock confirms the government’s position on the Level 4 lockdown measures.


On Friday, iNews reported that talks are underway among government officials about a Plan B to deal with the second wave of Covid-19, which could introduce a “Stage Three plus” or “Stage Four” in England.

Matt Hancock has confirmed the government’s position on the creation of a Level 4 local lockdown.

Speculation came amidst warnings from some scientists that the existing measures would not be sufficient.

Speculation came amidst warnings from some scientists that existing measures will not be sufficient to contain the rapid increase in infections in large parts of the country.

Sources in Whitehall told the newspaper that by mid-November it will be clear whether the current Tier 3 restrictions have made a difference in daily case numbers and whether additional regulations are needed.

Speaking at the BBC breakfast, the Minister of Health said: “All this time we have always said that we are not taking anything off the table.

And with hundreds of thousands more people preparing for the toughest restrictions on corona viruses, Mr Hancock confirmed that the government would “exclude nothing” as far as the prospect of a new fourth stage of restrictions was concerned.

“The problem is that it is still rising, and while it is still rising, we must act to bring it under control.

“However, we have noticed that the rate of increase has slowed down somewhat.

“We’re not ruling anything out, but at the moment it’s the three-tier system we’re working on and it’s effective in slowing the growth of this virus, but it hasn’t stopped this curve.

The government said that by Sunday, within 28 days of a positive Covid 19 test, 151 more people had died, bringing the total in the UK to 44,896, and there were a further 19,790 laboratory confirmed cases of coronavirus, bringing the total in the UK to 873,800.


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