Married couple from Turkey takes over pottery in Middle Franconia.


For more than ten years the owners of the pottery Seiler have been looking for a successor for their workshop – they found one in Turkey. The workshop dates back to 1868 and will be run by a Turkish couple.

Fil Ceramics takes over the traditional pottery Seiler in Middle Franconia. With the takeover, the Serbest couple wants to expand their business, as the “Deutsche Handwerkszeitung” (dhz) reported on Wednesday.

The married couple Nilay and Hakan Serbest run the brand. They have been offering their products on the online sales platform Etsy since 2015.

Two years ago, the cousin of Hakan Serbest established contact with the pottery. He learned about the pottery through a company exchange. Both parties quickly agreed on the takeover – only the bureaucratic process took time. However, a long time had passed before the German Consulate General in Izmir issued the necessary papers.

Then the Corona crisis also thwarted the plan. During the six-week compulsory break, the couple from Turkey renovated the workshop and looked for a place to stay. They had to do without a ceremonial opening due to corona. Nevertheless, the couple is satisfied with how things have developed. The spacious workshop with large windows, two kilns, a material elevator and a pot press – it was all a gift, says Hakan Serbest. In addition, they can still draw on the wealth of experience of the former owners.

The 30-year-old studied photography at the Istanbul Art Academy. Through his wife he discovered his passion for pottery – Nilay Serbest studied ceramics and glass design. Until they took over the pottery business in Middle Franconia, the young couple lived in Bodrum in southwestern Turkey.

The traditional pottery Seiler was founded in 1868 in Naumburg am Queis – the center of the world-famous Silesian pottery art.

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