Liverpool’s new history bus tours look at the city’s Polish connections.


Liverpool’s new history bus tours look at the city’s Polish connections.

Liverpool has a long-established Polish community, and starting in December, you can take a bus trip to learn more about its rich history.

Merseyside Polonia aims to share untold stories after the success of its Polish Heritage Walking Tours, which have been held in and around Liverpool 8 every September since 2017.

The tour will look at how Polish people, along with other communities, helped to shape Liverpool into the city we know and love today.

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A Polish presence in Liverpool can be traced back to at least the 1830s, when a Polish identity card was discovered.

“Thousands of Polish and Lithuanian political and cultural elites emigrated, notably after the defeat of multiple uprisings (November Revolt 1830-1831, Krakow uprising of 1846, and the January Uprising of 1863-1864),” said Magdalena, a Polonia worker from Merseyside.

A bus trip explaining the community’s history has been added to the Polish Walking Heritage Tour, which was first presented in September 2017.

Many guests tell anecdotes of their parents who immigrated to the UK after WWII, the White Eagle Club in Liverpool 8, and the Polish church on these tours.

It all began with a tiny project called Searching for Polish Stories in Liverpool in 2016 and 2017, where members of the community combed through archives for evidence of Polish history in the city.

The bus tour was held for the first time in December, and it is hoped that it will become a regular occurrence.

Magdalena stated, while touring sites in Liverpool with a Polish connection: “We intend to visit locations associated with Polish pilots and squadrons stationed in Liverpool during WWII.

“We’ll travel to the south of Liverpool, where there was formerly a Polish Community Club called Millennium,” said the group “..

“More information will be shared during the tour,” Magdalena encourages others to come along.

Polish Heritage Bus Tours seeks to access numerous parts of Liverpool that are too far away to be covered by walking.

Tours are available to people of all ages and backgrounds, and everyone is welcome to contribute their expertise or learn about the secret history that inhabitants walk past every day.

Tickets are available for purchase. “The summary has come to an end.”


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