Liverpool will have shops, pubs, and restaurants operating in 2022.


Liverpool will have shops, pubs, and restaurants operating in 2022.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, 2021 was not without its obstacles, with cancelled events and business closures, but maybe this year will be better.

The country confronted some of the most serious issues after another nationwide lockdown and a roadmap laden with constraints.

Despite delays and new Covid variations, shops, pubs, and restaurants have reopened, and new companies have continued to establish around the city.

In 2021, Liverpool will get a new MAC store in Liverpool ONE, as well as a slew of new pubs and restaurants. This year, more new locations are expected to open across the city.

To give everyone something to look forward to in 2022, we’ve compiled a list of the businesses, pubs, and restaurants that Liverpool can expect to see.

Some of the opening dates have yet to be verified, but we’ll keep you updated on all of the openings listed below as soon as we learn more.

Next year, a massive flagship Flannels store with seven levels and a rooftop restaurant will open in Liverpool city centre.

The brand will take over the landmark Owen Owen building on Parker Street for its new location.

The Liverpool store will span seven storeys and include a brand-new beauty destination, a rooftop restaurant, and an entire level dedicated to leisure, activewear, and sportswear.

There will even be a workout studio on the floor.

The Liverpool store will also have the first Flannels Beauty destination, in addition to the brand’s ready-to-wear high apparel and streetwear.


Lovisa, a fashion jewelry business, is due to debut at Liverpool ONE.

The new store will be located on South John Street’s lower level and will sell “on-trend fashion jewelry at ready-to-wear pricing.”

The shop’s windows are now adorned with employment postings, however no exact opening date has been set.


Swarovski closed its Liverpool ONE store in 2020, making way for MAC, a well-known cosmetics brand.

Swarovski, on the other hand, was not going away for good; rather, it was relocating to a new position within the shopping center on South John Street.

“Please note, the Swarovski store will be opening soon at its new location at South John Street in Liverpool,” says a note on the Liverpool ONE website.”

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