Liverpool has been given a TV budget boost as they try to close a £60 million gap.


Liverpool has been given a TV budget boost as they try to close a £60 million gap.

When Liverpool’s financial statements for the year ending May 2020 were released earlier this year, one of the areas that had been hit the most by the coronavirus outbreak was broadcasting rights.

The previous financial year, which included Jurgen Klopp’s side winning the Champions League, had brought in £260.8 million to the club thanks to a lucrative Premier League TV agreement both locally and abroad, as well as the Reds’ European glory. The previous season had brought in £220.1 million, and the club had topped the list for television revenue for the previous three seasons.

The pandemic’s impact, which led the Premier League season to be paused for two months last year and saw broadcasters seek rebates from member clubs due to the schedule disruption, had a toll on all clubs, albeit Liverpool came out on top with a media income of £201.6 million.

Liverpool will miss out on the Premier League title for the fourth year in a row when financial accounts for the year ending May 2021 are released later this year and early next year, owing to their third-place finish in the Premier League and the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea making it all the way to the Champions League final after the Reds had exited at the quarter-final stage at the hands of Barcelona.

However, they still stand to benefit from the broadcast deals in place after the Premier League secured two key deals at home and abroad, as well as the not insignificant matter of Liverpool qualifying for the Champions League next season, something that looked in jeopardy last season as the Reds stumbled into the 2021 season.

Given what had happened across Europe as a result of the pandemic, with TV companies pulling out and withholding payments owed, as seen in French football with Mediapro, there had been considerable concern that the Premier League’s 2022/2025 rights cycle would lose a lot of value if it went to auction. However, the League was able to enlist the help of the existing trio of domestic broadcasters. “The summary has come to an end.”


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