Little girl who went to the stores and never came home.


Only a few streets away from her home were the local butchers and a route she had taken many times before.

Elizabeth Peers had simply been asked by her mother to walk to the stores.

It was only a six minute walk from her parents’ house to the store, but Elizabeth never made it back.

The 10-year-old lived in Toxteth with her mother Elizabeth, her mason dad William and five brothers.

But on October 28, 1905, Elizabeth, who was known to her friends and family as Lizzie, did not return home.

Armed with sixpence, she was asked to bring home pork and potatoes.

On the day of her disappearance she had been asked by her mother to run an errand with the local butchers in Lodge Lane.

The butcher was a six-minute walk from the family home on Wendell Street.

Initially, her failure to return home was not considered suspicious.

But she never returned.

Her parents, who were reportedly alcoholics, assumed that the schoolgirl had visited a friend or family member and therefore did not alert the police.

But the next morning, her lifeless body was found in an entrance three minutes from her home on Cullen Street.

Elizabeth had been gagged, raped and strangled by her assailant.

The results showed that Elizabeth had most likely died from the shock of the terrible attack she had suffered.

The police immediately opened a murder investigation into the death of the young girl and an autopsy was performed.


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