Linda Robson of Loose Women’s grief after a baby scan.


Linda Robson of Loose Women’s grief after a baby scan.

On today’s Loose Women, Linda Robson, star of Birds of a Feather, talked about her miscarriage.

Roberta, Lauren, and Louis are the star’s three children, however she also had a miscarriage.

It was a “very, really heartbreaking” period in her life, she recalled.

According to Christine McGuinness of Loose Women, Paddy had a suspicion about her illness before she was diagnosed. The subject was brought up by the Loose Women panel after it was revealed that pop sensation Jessie J had recently experienced a miscarriage, and Linda added her own personal experience to the conversation.

“I know this brought back memories for you because you’ve been there,” Kaye Adams said Linda.

Linda stated that she had always desired a large family. She became pregnant for the third time after having her daughter Lauren and then her son Louis. She expressed her delight at the prospect.

The youngster appeared to be in good health at the three-month check-up scan.

She went on to say, ” “Then something unusual happened to me. You know when you simply feel something isn’t quite right with your pregnancy because it’s not like the others?” Linda said she called the hospital to express her concern, and they welcomed her in for a second scan. While her husband was at work, she elected to take her kid Louis with her in the hopes that everything would be OK.

Linda claimed the nurse told her during the scan that she would have to call someone else in to look at it, and she thought to herself, “Oh no, that’s not good.”

“The doctor came in and said we can’t locate a heartbeat,” the panelist lamented to the other Loose Women.

Linda’s husband, Mark, arrived shortly after her at the hospital, where they were told to return the next day for a medical procedure.

She went on to say: “Knowing your child is dead inside you and having to go home and return the next day is a really difficult day.

“The saddest part was that I had just given birth to my second child and was expecting my third, while my father was staying at a trailer park. He noticed someone approaching him with a newspaper labeled ‘Birds of.” The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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