‘Jurgen would love to talk,’ says the Liverpool signing who has altered the entire squad.


‘Jurgen would love to talk,’ says the Liverpool signing who has altered the entire squad.

Mona Nemmer was initially perplexed as to why Jurgen Klopp had reached out to her.

Klopp’s agency contacted Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp over five years ago to discuss the possibility of a meeting.

As he prepared for his first full season as a Premier League manager, Klopp was looking for someone who could revolutionize the way nutrition was handled within the club.

After a promising start to the season that included League Cup and Europa League finals, Klopp set out in the summer of 2016 to stamp his mark on every part of the football club.

And while he looked for off-field innovation, one name kept coming up again and again.

In the foreword to Nemmer’s new book, ‘A Taste of the Liverpool Way,’ Klopp states, “I didn’t know Mona while I worked in Germany, but I had heard of her reputation.”

“Nutrition was becoming increasingly important to professional sportsmen, and I wanted the best for Liverpool Football Club.

“When I asked players, coaches, and managers from all across the world, they all said the same thing: Mona!”

Klopp reached out to the woman who would soon become his Head of Nutrition, armed with a string of positive testimonials.

It was a conversation that would change her life and help determine Liverpool’s history.

In an interview to coincide with the publication of the book, Nemmer tells The Washington Newsday, “I was working at Bayern Munich at the time and I didn’t know Jurgen Klopp directly.”

“His agent called and said, ‘Jurgen would love to speak with you,’ and I had no idea what that meant, so I said yes, of course.

“He called me and we had a great talk, much longer than I expected, and he said, ‘Do you think we might meet somewhere?'”

So we met in person, and both sides were fired up about what we could accomplish here right from the start.

“That’s how it started, and it’s just become bigger since then. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for bringing me here.” Nemmer’s Melwood work, as well as. “The summary has come to an end.”


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