Innocent man saved from prison by Amazon, PayPal and a baby’s bib.


The disabled William Ross faced a series of accusations after weapons and explosives were discovered in his home.

An innocent man was on the verge of a long prison sentence until he was saved by a baby’s bib.

The disabled William Ross was prosecuted after police found guns and explosives in his home in southern Liverpool.

The 31-year-old also pleaded guilty to possession of explosives-an indictment that carries a possible life sentence.

Green was sentenced to eight years in prison on Monday after admitting to possessing guns and ammunition without proper licenses.

His charge was dropped when the detectives realized that the dangerous loot actually belonged to his handler Michael Green.

But his pleas came only after an investigation, during which the man he was supposed to take care of began his journey through the judicial system.

This booty included three rifles that were antique but could still shoot, a deactivated machine gun, a sawed-off shotgun, and a number of air rifles, grenade shells and ammunition.

The case began when Merseyside police searched Mr Ross’ home in Cressington in July 2018. In a locked bedroom they discovered a stash of weapons and explosives.

They also discovered explosive substances and documents detailing how to make bombs.

He said Green had helped him move in and told him that he was not allowed in, “to prevent him from going in and snooping around”.

Mr. Ross told police that he had no idea what was being kept in the bedroom and added that when he moved into his apartment he arrived to find the box in the bedroom locked.

Green’s apartment in Micawber Close, Toxteth, was then searched by police who found other explosive substances.

And while his DNA was found on most of the items, Green said it must have been because he handled them when he helped Mr. Ross move in. Mr. Ross’ DNA was not present on any of the loot.

When he was arrested, he blamed Mr. Ross for all the equipment on the two properties and said his patient had a “fascination with firearms.

One of the major breakthroughs for the detectives was the online shopping history linked to accounts in Mr. Ross’ name.


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