Injury update from Thiago and Naby Keita, while Jurgen Klopp explains the dilemma of the Liverpool team


However, the Reds’ boss has hinted that his summer midfielder may be available for the duel with West Ham tomorrow night at Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp has refused to set a timeframe for how long Thiago Alcantara, Naby Keita and Joel Matip will be absent.

Jurgen Klopp gives current injury updates on Thiago Alcantara and Naby Keita before the Liverpool game against West Ham

However, the Spaniard was shown training alone before the game in Midtjylland.

Red star Thiago was injured in the Merseyside derby after being forced into a corner by Richarlison after a wild lunge from Richarlison for which the Everton striker was sent off the field.

Keita has not put together a squad for a matchday since Liverpool’s 7-2 defeat to Aston Villa earlier this month and, like Matip, had a number of injury problems in recent months.

However, he did not make it into his team’s squad for the Champions League duel on Tuesday.

Matip, too, was once again sidelined after suffering a problem at Goodison Park.

“Both are on a good path. That’s what recovery is like,” he told the media during his pre-match press conference in West Ham.

When asked to give an update specifically on Thiago and Keita, Klopp was optimistic – but admitted he didn’t know how long they would stay out.

“You saw what happened to Thiago. It takes time to calm down, but we don’t know exactly how long.

Klopp added: “In an ideal world, when the boys train, they have enough time to prepare for 10 or 20 games – so if someone is in training, it doesn’t mean you can start immediately.

“He is desperately trying to make the next steps. Whether he is ready for tomorrow, we will see. It’s the same with Naby, it’s a different kind of injury.

“I am in no hurry with the boys, the medical department tells me, and I work with this information. We do the best we can.”…


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