In the Liverpool position argument, Paul Pogba’s remark proves Trent Alexander-claim. Arnold’s


In the Liverpool position argument, Paul Pogba’s remark proves Trent Alexander-claim. Arnold’s

Trent Alexander-Arnold has mastered the assist as he has progressed through Liverpool’s ranks.

The Scouse full-back scored his 35th Premier League assist against Leeds United, putting him on par with Gary Neville in terms of assists despite playing 267 fewer games.

Alexander-Arnold has two assists so far this season, but he is far behind Paul Pogba, who now leads the league with an outstanding total of seven.

The Reds defender will have to work hard this season to close the gap with the Frenchman, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has accidentally provided an explanation for why that could happen.

Liverpool have announced the signing of a defender from a sporting family.

“What does an assist consist of?” Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho said when asked about assists. When Paul plays a wonderful pass through and Mason [Greenwood] goes past, or when Bruno [Fernandes] strikes the top corner with a square pass?

“Paul has always been a great passer, one of the best in Europe, and he’s certainly gotten assists this season from some of his less-than-ideal passes. I don’t keep track of assists because of all the social media.”

When it comes to certain assists being more generous than others, Solskjaer is correct; one of the major issues with assists is how they are assessed by the player who is responsible for finishing.

Even though a pass is excellent, if the striker who is yards from goal fails to score, an assist is not given.

When it comes to inventiveness and passing, there are numerous indicators that provide a clearer picture, such as critical passes.

The contrast between Alexander-Arnold and Pogba becomes more apparent when a critical pass is simply defined as a ball that leads directly to a shooting.

The former is currently in first place in the Premier League, having created 19 shots for his Liverpool colleagues in the first four games, while Pogba is in 15th place with nine critical passes.

The fact that seven of Pogba’s nine vital passes have ended in goals demonstrates how much the French midfielder has profited from his colleagues’ exceptional finishing at Old Trafford.

Expected Goals Assisted (xA) is another useful metric because it offers for a better understanding. “The summary has come to an end.”


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