In dawn raids, gangs have raided four ATMs in a single week.


Police were called after a group of men tried to force access to an ATM on Goodison Road, Everton, at 5:25 a.m.

A gang raided an ATM in Liverpool this morning, the fourth attempt at ATMs in Merseyside in a single week.

This follows similar raids by a gang of men in Southport, Aigburth and Kirkby.

Surveillance and forensic investigations are being carried out and an investigation is underway.

Merseyside police confirmed that the gang fled the area in two vehicles before turning left into Spellow Lane and then left again into Walton Lane.

This is the fourth time that thieves have attempted to rob ATMs in recent days, but this time no money was stolen.

The day after, on 26 October, two attempts were reported to rob ATMs near Orrell Park Station and a BP garage in Aigburth.

Following similar incidents elsewhere in Merseyside, police reported that additional police officers were called in and patrols were increased to ensure the safety of local businesses.

The method used by the thieves was not mentioned, but in a raid on an ATM in Southport on Sunday outside WHSmith, the thieves used an “explosive device” to blow up the ATM and escaped with an unknown amount of cash.

After being disturbed, they drove down Orrell Lane in a white van and a dark colored car towards Bootle.

The gang first attempted to steal an ATM machine outside Orrell Park Station at 10:30 p.m., but were reportedly scared away by a passerby who left empty-handed.

The group of men fled in a white transit car, which was found abandoned a few minutes later at the intersection of Aigburth Road and Grassendale Road.

The same group then attempted to flee with a second ATM from the BP gas station on Aigburth Road at around 11:25 pm.

It is believed that the gang then got into a car with a black seat, which drove along Grassendale Road and turned left into Aigburth Road to head towards the city center.

Commenting on this morning’s attempted raid on Everton, Detective Chief Inspector Gayle Rooney said: “Although the attempt was unsuccessful on this occasion, we take all incidents of this nature very seriously and a full investigation is underway.

“We often see an increase in robberies and thefts during the holiday season and we invest significant resources in such crimes.

“It is noteworthy that all these recent incidents have occurred in the early hours of the morning, so I would also like to ask companies and individuals such as cab drivers and van drivers who use the roads at these times to be vigilant, to ensure that your surveillance cameras and dashboards are operational and that any problems are addressed to us immediately.

“Although it was early in the morning, we know that a queue of road users has formed at the intersection of Spellow Lane and Walton Lane, and we believe that there may be motorists who have seen something or captured something significant on the dashboard camera.


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