In a ‘trainwreck’ This Morning interview, Alison Hammond was corrected by a guest.


In a ‘trainwreck’ This Morning interview, Alison Hammond was corrected by a guest.

During her ‘trainwreck’ interview on This Morning, Alison Hammond was clumsily corrected by a guest.

During the introduction of the visitor, the presenter made a mistake by giving her the incorrect work title.

Alison was taken aback when the guest pointed out her error.

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Alison welcomed guest Caroline Grills onto the show, telling viewers that she was the counsellor for Bendigo, and that she was speaking about the cat curfew that is presently in effect in Australia.

Alison started the section by saying: “Caroline Grills, a Bendigo therapist, has joined us together with Doctor Scott, and we’ll start with Caroline.

“First and foremost, could you please explain us what the current cat lockdown situation in Bendigo is?”

“First and all, may I just correct you, I’m not actually a counsellor, I’m actually one of the managers, and I’m in charge of the animal management team, so I just wanted to make that clear,” Caroline responded.

Alison made a feeble apology, saying: “So, darling, you’re the big guns. You’re the big guns, you’re the boss, so please accept my apologies; we’ll take care of it right away!” Due to a delay in the video feed from Australia, the two continued talking over one other.

Caroline replied it was fine, but for a few seconds there seemed to be an unpleasant tension between the two.

Fans on Twitter were quick to notice the blunder and give their thoughts.

“This is a trainwreck of an interview,” one commenter said.

“Yes Alison, get it right,” Zara responded.

Roy stated, ” “Caroline: Um… I work as a manager!!! Alison: Okay, sweetie, you’re the real deal! Caroline: I’m sorry, but I… Alison: *Keeps talking over the enormous gun!* Caroline: *looks at screen blankly*” followed by laughing emojis.”


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