In a beautiful new Bramley-Moore Dock video, the future of Everton Stadium is shown.


In a beautiful new Bramley-Moore Dock video, the future of Everton Stadium is shown.

Everton’s new stadium construction at Bramley-Moore Dock will be brilliantly presented in the next years thanks to a stunning virtual time-lapse movie.

The Blues have been releasing a steady stream of interesting updates on the project in recent weeks and months, with some incredible changes taking place along the waterfront.

For example, the club announced earlier this month that the first above-ground work on the new stadium’s foundations had begun, offering fans their first look of concrete being laid.

Meanwhile, Everton’s dock infill had progressed to the point that sand could be seen above the water for the first time, with subsequent weeks revealing just how much sand had spread across the site.

Laing O’Rourke has been working at Bramley-Moore Dock for several months and has created an amazing film depicting the stages the project will go through in the future.

The CGI footage, which was shown to business leaders on Wednesday, depicts the exciting step-by-step process that will take place at the waterfront, which is now well begun.

The film shows what will happen after the sand has been compacted and infilled the dock, which is slated to be completed early next year.

On that particular portion of the site, foundation piling and construction can begin later, with the time lapse showing how each stage of the process will look.

Before the shell of the stands rises above everything else, the film seamlessly depicts all of the preparation that will be laid on the site.

Supporters can then see how the stadium will develop from that moment forward, with all four sides sprouting up from the dock and the roof being installed on the new pitch.

The spectacular terraced plaza in front of the west stand can be seen as the pitch is ultimately built on the site as the movie spins.

The final scene in the video depicts how the new stadium’s interior will appear, and Evertonians are already familiar with those breathtaking sights.

The infill process at Bramley-Moore Dock is, according to the company leaders. “The summary has come to an end.”


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