Identical triplets from Sivas study medicine.


Senay, Beyzanur and Feyza Köksal from Sivas are identical triplets. The young women have made their dream come true and will soon be able to study medicine at various universities in Turkey.

Identical triplets from the Turkish province of Sivas celebrate a triple success.

The triplets Senay, Beyzanur and Feyza Köksal attended high school together in Sivas. Their dream was to study medicine. After their successful graduation from high school, the siblings applied to study medicine and were lucky – all three received a place at university.

Senay was enrolled at Gazi University, Beyzanur at Hacettepe University and Feyza is enrolled at Kırıkkale University. Salih Ayhan, the Governor of Sivas, congratulated the monozygotic triplets on their extraordinary success.

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