‘Game-changing’ The regeneration plans for Merseyside are divisive.


‘Game-changing’ The regeneration plans for Merseyside are divisive.

Yesterday, the public was given a glimpse of ‘once in a lifetime’ proposals to rebuild two Merseyside town centres.

St Helens Borough Council has announced plans to revamp both St Helens and Earlestown in a 20-year vision that will transform both town centers while highlighting the borough’s best features.

A new market, park area, hotel, and bus station will be built in St Helens town centre, as well as a new transit hub in Earlestown to connect the town’s transportation links.

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The plans, according to the council, will enable a game-changing transformation that will build on both town centers’ existing assets and heritage, highlighting the uniqueness of what each town already has to offer, while delivering high-quality, long-term regeneration and highlighting the borough’s independent businesses.

Locals have reacted positively to the draft plans since they were announced yesterday, with many describing the regeneration proposal as ‘good.’

“Looks extremely excellent, especially with Hardshaw Centre being dismantled and opening up the path to the bus stop,” remarked Dave Tully, Director of Lava Accountants.

Chris Shuker thinks the proposals are “amazing.”

“People prefer to spend time in good places, and when they’re there, they use the services/facilities,” he explained.

“It can only be a step in the right direction for an aging industrial town. It’s past time for the town to reflect some of its best qualities.

“It’s made up of musicians, athletes, comedians, athletes, and actors, as well as entrepreneurs and hardworking inhabitants.”

The planned renovation, according to local photographer Neil Sherwood, might be a fantastic move for the town centers.

“Everything seems excellent, there are some great concepts and it’s well thought out,” he remarked.

The vision, according to Darren Eccles, is ‘quite spectacular,’ and the council’s project appears to be a ‘good move forward to the old, retail-heavy town centre.’

“It’s been evident for a long time that something needs to change,” one Twitter user said.

“I’ve reviewed the majority of the master plan, and there looks to be a clear vision with only four years till phase 1 is completed.”

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