Foreign Minister Maas loses credit card in Berlin supermarket.


A supermarket employee in Berlin Zehlendorf has found a credit card: from Foreign Minister Maas. The Berlin police confirmed the incident. The card had been handed back to him later.

An employee in a supermarket in Berlin-Zehlendorf must have been quite astonished when he found a lost credit card. It belonged to none other than Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD), as a police spokesman confirmed on Tuesday. At first the “B.Z” had reported on the incident.

Officials of the Berlin police were concerned that the 54-year-old would soon be allowed to hold the card in his hands again. This is stated in a letter from the Foreign Ministry to the Berlin police chief. In the letter, which circulated on Twitter, the minister’s personal assistant expressly praised the work of the police officers.

“The cooperation was very pleasant, courteous and result-oriented, which saved the Minister further major trouble and for which he is grateful,” writes the Foreign Ministry staff member. According to the Ministry, the letter is genuine.

Heiko Maas lost his card already at the end of July, so he did not violate his corona quarantine. Last Wednesday, the SPD politician had initially gone into domestic isolation because of the infection of one of his bodyguards. On Monday, however, he had been tested negative for the virus for the second time. It was not clear at first when exactly he would leave the isolation again.



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