First Doner-Drive-in opens soon in Kassel.


A well-known Turkish chain will soon open its first branch in Kassel. This will also have a drive-in – the first of its kind in Germany.

The well-known restaurant chain “Ekrem Coşkun” from Turkey is now also opening a branch in Kassel – with a drive-in. The idea came from Mehmet Ali Kabarcık, as the “Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine” (HNA) reported on Wednesday. The store is expected to open in October in the former McDonalds branch in the Bettenhausen district. The renovation work is almost complete.

On the menu are different variants of doner meat dishes. The meat is to be prepared in a kind of coal oven. The amount of meat will be determined individually by the guests. According to the company’s specifications, no frozen food will be used – even the fries will be homemade.

The restaurant has room for 80 guests – Corona distance included. During the pandemic, the drive-in offers an additional alternative to order food directly in the car, Kabarcık explains to HNA.

The chain “Ekrem Coşkun” opened its first restaurant in 2013 in the Turkish province of Konya. There are now more than 200 franchise stores in Turkey.

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